15 strokes

sideways, side, horizontal, width, woof, unreasonable, perverse



Common words

  • よこ
    horizontal (as opposed to vertical), lying down, side-to-side (as opposed to front-to-back), width, breadth, side (of a box, etc.), beside, aside, next to, unconnected
  • 横綱よこづな
    yokozuna (highest rank in sumo), grand champion, best in its field, crème de la crème, cream of the crop
  • 横断おうだん
    crossing (a road, river, etc.), cutting through (e.g. of a river through a town), cutting across, intersecting (e.g. a railway track), crossing (east-west), traversing, travelling across, flying across (e.g. the Pacific), sailing across, cutting horizontally, sectioning laterally
  • 横領おうりょう
    embezzlement, misappropriation, usurpation
  • 縦横じゅうおう
    length and width, length and breadth, lengthwise and crosswise, longitude and latitude, vertical and horizontal, four cardinal points, every direction, as one wishes, as one pleases, at will, warp and weft, warp and woof
  • 横目よこめ
    sidelong glance, short grain (paper)
  • 横断歩道おうだんほどう
    pedestrian crossing, crosswalk
  • 横顔よこがお
    profile, face in profile, face seen from the side, (personal) profile, (biographical) sketch, outline (of someone's life)
  • 横書きよこがき
    writing horizontally, horizontal writing
  • 横文字よこもじ
    horizontal script (esp. of a European language), European writing, Roman letters, European language, Western language
  • 横切るよこぎる
    to cross (e.g. road), to traverse
  • 横道よこみち
    byway, side street, cross street, wrong way, digression
  • 横たわるよこたわる
    to lie down, to stretch out, to lie ahead (of danger, difficulty, etc.), to lie in wait
  • 横柄おうへい
    arrogant, haughty, insolent
  • 横取りよこどり
    snatching, stealing, seizure, usurpation
  • 横幅よこはば
    breadth, width
  • 専横せんおう
    arbitrariness, despotism, high-handedness, tyranny