11 strokes

longing, covetousness, greed, passion, desire, craving



Common words

  • 意欲いよく
    will, desire, eagerness, interest, drive, motivation, urge, ambition
  • よく
    greed, craving, desire, appetite, hunger, avarice, wants
  • 食欲しょくよく
    appetite (for food)
  • 欲求よっきゅう
    desire, want, will, wish, urge, craving
  • 欲望よくぼう
    desire, appetite, lust
  • 欲しいほしい
    wanting (to have), desiring, wishing for, I want (you, them, etc.) to (do)
  • 欲するほっする
    to want, to desire
  • 欲しがるほしがる
    to appear to want to have (something), to obviously want, to seem to want, to indicate a wish for
  • 無欲むよく
    unselfish, disinterested, unavaricious, free of avarice
  • 性欲せいよく
    sexual desire, sex drive, lust
  • 欲張りよくばり
    greed, avarice, covetousness, greedy person