8 strokes

walk, counter for steps



Common words

  • 譲歩じょうほ
    concession, conciliation, compromise
  • 一歩いっぽ
    (a) step, one step, level, stage, step, small degree, small amount
  • 進歩しんぽ
    progress, advance, improvement, development
  • 歩調ほちょう
    pace, step, cadence
  • step, stride, counter for steps
  • 徒歩とほ
    walking, going on foot
  • 散歩さんぽ
    walk, stroll
  • 歩道ほどう
    footpath, walkway, sidewalk, pavement
  • 歩兵ほへい
    infantry, infantryman, foot soldier
  • 初歩しょほ
    basics, rudiments, elements, ABCs of ...
  • 横断歩道おうだんほどう
    pedestrian crossing, crosswalk
  • 歩み寄るあゆみよる
    to compromise, to meet halfway, to step up to, to walk up to, to approach
  • 歩道橋ほどうきょう
    pedestrian bridge
  • 歩合ぶあい
    rate, ratio, percentage, commission, poundage, percentage
  • 歩むあゆむ
    to walk, to go on foot, to tread (a figurative path), to follow, to lead (a life), to experience, to advance towards (e.g. a solution), to set out (e.g. on the path to destruction, ruin, etc.), to embark (on the road to ...)