10 strokes

kill, murder, butcher, slice off, split, diminish, reduce, spoil



Common words

  • 殺人さつじん
    murder, homicide, manslaughter
  • 自殺じさつ
  • 殺すころす
    to kill, to slay, to murder, to slaughter, to suppress, to block, to hamper, to destroy (e.g. talent), to eliminate (e.g. an odour), to spoil (e.g. a flavour), to kill (e.g. one's speed), to suppress (a voice, feelings, etc.), to hold back, to stifle (a yawn, laugh, etc.), to hold (one's breath), to put out (a runner), to pawn, to put in hock
  • 虐殺ぎゃくさつ
    slaughter, massacre
  • 暗殺あんさつ
  • 射殺しゃさつ
    shooting to death
  • 殺虫剤さっちゅうざい
    insecticide, pesticide
  • 殺菌さっきん
    sterilization, sterilisation, disinfection
  • 他殺たさつ
  • 銃殺じゅうさつ
    death by shooting
  • 人殺しひとごろし
    murder, murderer
  • 絞殺こうさつ
    strangulation, strangling
  • 黙殺もくさつ
    ignoring, disregarding, taking no notice of, refusing to comment on, turning a deaf ear to
  • 相殺そうさい
    offset, offsetting each other, cancelling each other out, counterbalancing, set-off, setoff, killing each other
  • 殺到さっとう
    rush, flood, deluge
  • 毒殺どくさつ
    poisoning, kill by poison
  • 刺し殺すさしころす
    to stab to death
  • 抹殺まっさつ
    erasure, obliteration, denial, ignoring (an opinion)