6 strokes

spirit, mind, air, atmosphere, mood



Common words

  • spirit, mind, heart, nature, disposition, intention, mind, will, motivation, mood, feelings, consciousness, care, attention, consideration, worry, interest, (the) air, atmosphere, ambience, atmosphere (of), air (of), mood, fragrance, aroma, flavour, taste, qi (in traditional Chinese philosophy and medicine), chi, ki
  • 気持ちきもち
    feeling, sensation, mood, state of mind, preparedness, readiness, attitude, thought, sentiment, consideration, solicitude, gratitude, slightly, a bit, a little
  • 景気けいき
    business conditions, the market, economic activity, economic climate, good (economic) times, prosperity, boom, liveliness, energy, vigour, vigor, spirit
  • 人気にんき
    popularity, public favor, condition (e.g. market), tone, character, nature
  • 病気びょうき
    illness (usu. excluding minor ailments, e.g. common cold), disease, sickness, bad habit, bad behaviour, weakness, failing, crazy, insane, disturbed, sick in the head
  • 空気くうき
    air, atmosphere, mood, situation, someone with no presence, someone who doesn't stand out at all
  • 雰囲気ふんいき
    atmosphere, mood, ambience, ambiance, aura, feel, a certain air, presence, special aura, something (about someone), (Earth's) atmosphere
  • 気分きぶん
    feeling, mood
  • 気温きおん
    air temperature
  • 大気たいき
    atmosphere, air, magnanimity, generosity
  • 気象庁きしょうちょう
    (Japanese) Meteorological Agency, JMA
  • 強気つよき
    confident, assured, self-assured, firm, strong, cocksure, bullish (e.g. market)
  • 元気げんき
    lively, full of spirit, energetic, vigorous, vital, spirited, healthy, well, fit, in good health
  • 気象きしょう
    weather (conditions), disposition, temperament
  • 気配けはい
    indication, sign, hint, sensation, feeling, tone (of the market)
  • 天気てんき
    weather, fair weather, fine weather
  • 勇気ゆうき
    courage, bravery, valour, valor, nerve, boldness
  • 気味きみ
    sensation, feeling, tendency, propensity
  • 気候きこう
  • 本気ほんき
    seriousness, earnestness, truth, sanctity