8 strokes

reign, be at peace, calm down, subdue, quell, govt, cure, heal, rule, conserve



Common words

  • 政治家せいじか
    politician, statesman
  • 政治せいじ
    politics, government
  • 自治じち
    self-government, autonomy, local (governmental) autonomy
  • 治療ちりょう
    (medical) treatment, care, therapy, cure, remedy
  • 明治めいじ
    Meiji era (1868.9.8-1912.7.30)
  • 統治とうち
    rule, reign, government, governing
  • 治安ちあん
    public order, public peace, public security, law and order
  • 退治たいじ
    extermination (e.g. of pests, demons, bandits), elimination, eradication, destruction, suppression, making someone renounce worldly desires in order to concentrate on Buddha's teachings, curing illness
  • 治癒ちゆ
    healing, cure, recovery
  • 治るなおる
    to get better, to get well, to recover (from an illness), to be cured, to be restored, to heal
  • 湯治とうじ
    hot-spring cure, taking the baths
  • 治めるおさめる
    to govern, to manage, to subdue
  • 治まるおさまる
    to die down (storm, anger, conflict, etc.), to calm down, to cool off, to abate, to be settled, to be brought under control, to be at peace, to be governed well, to subside (of pain, symptoms, etc.), to be alleviated, to get better, to ease off