8 strokes

run alongside, follow along, run along, lie along



Common words

  • 沿岸えんがん
    coast, shore, littoral
  • 沿いぞい
  • 沿線えんせん
    alongside a railway line, bus route, major thoroughfare, etc.
  • 川沿いかわぞい
    along the river, riverside
  • 沿海えんかい
    coast, shore, inshore, coastal waters
  • 沿うそう
    to run along, to run beside, to stick to (a line), to follow (a policy, plan, etc.), to act in accordance with, to align with, to meet (wishes, expectations, etc.), to satisfy, to comply with, to live up to
  • 沿革えんかく
    history, development