8 strokes

waves, billows, Poland



Common words

  • 波紋はもん
    ripple, ring on the water, repercussions, Japanese slit drum, instrument made of iron with slits on top; makes a rippling sound
  • 波乱はらん
    disturbance, trouble, commotion, uproar, turmoil, ups and downs (e.g. in life), vicissitudes, small and large waves
  • 津波つなみ
    tsunami, tidal wave
  • 余波よは
    waves that remain after the wind has subsided, after-effect, aftermath
  • 波長はちょう
  • 防波堤ぼうはてい
    breakwater, mole
  • 短波たんぱ
    short wave
  • 寒波かんぱ
    cold wave
  • 波浪はろう
    waves, billows, surge
  • 波止場はとば
    wharf, quay, landing-stage, jetty