9 strokes

wash, inquire into, probe



Common words

  • 洗濯せんたく
    washing, laundry, relaxing, taking a break
  • 洗剤せんざい
    detergent, cleanser, cleaning agent, washing material
  • 洗濯機せんたくき
    washing machine, (clothes) washer
  • 洗うあらう
    to wash, to cleanse, to rinse, to inquire into, to investigate, to purify (one's heart), to lave (e.g. shore), to wash over (e.g. deck), to sweep
  • 手洗いてあらい
    washing one's hands, water (or basin, etc.) for washing one's hands, restroom, lavatory, toilet, hand-washing (laundry, etc.)
  • 洗面せんめん
    washing one's face
  • 洗面所せんめんじょ
    washroom, bathroom
  • 水洗すいせん
    washing with water, rinsing, flushing
  • 皿洗いさらあらい
    washing-up, dish-washing
  • 洗髪せんぱつ
    washing one's hair, having a shampoo
  • 洗面器せんめんき
    wash basin, wash bowl (incl. portable bowl in a public bath)
  • 洗練せんれん
    polish, refinement
  • 洗脳せんのう
  • 洗い物あらいもの
    things to be washed (esp. dishes and laundry)