9 strokes

lively, resuscitation, being helped, living



Common words

  • 活動かつどう
    activity (of a person, organization, animal, volcano, etc.), action, movie (esp. during the silent movie period)
  • 生活せいかつ
    life, living, livelihood, (one's) living
  • 活発かっぱつ
    lively, active, vigorous, animated, brisk
  • 活躍かつやく
    activity (esp. energetic or successful), great efforts, active participation, walking about with great vigor
  • 復活ふっかつ
    revival (of an old system, custom, fashion, etc.), restoration, return, comeback, resurrection, rebirth
  • 活用かつよう
    practical use, application, conjugation, inflection
  • 活力かつりょく
    vitality, energy, dynamism
  • 活字かつじ
    printing type, movable type, printed text, print
  • 活気かっき
    energy, vigour, vigor, liveliness, spirit, life, animation
  • 快活かいかつ
    cheerful, lively, lighthearted
  • 自活じかつ