10 strokes

immersed, soak, dip, steep, moisten, wet, dunk



Common words

  • 浸透しんとう
    permeation (of thought, ideology, culture, etc.), infiltration (e.g. of ideas), spread, penetration (e.g. into a market), pervasion, permeation (of a liquid, etc.), soaking, percolation, osmosis
  • 浸水しんすい
    inundation, submersion, flood
  • 浸るひたる
    to be soaked in, to be flooded, to be submerged, to be immersed in (joy, memories, alcohol, etc.), to give oneself over to, to bask in
  • 浸食しんしょく
    erosion, corrosion
  • 水浸しみずびたし
    submersion, inundation, being flooded
  • 浸すひたす
    to soak, to dip, to steep, to immerse, to moisten, to wet