10 strokes

extinguish, blow out, turn off, neutralize, cancel



Common words

  • 消費者しょうひしゃ
  • 消費しょうひ
    consumption, expenditure, spending
  • 解消かいしょう
    cancellation, liquidation, resolution, reduction (e.g. of stress)
  • 消極的しょうきょくてき
    negative, passive, half-hearted, unmotivated
  • 消防しょうぼう
    fire fighting, fire department, fire brigade
  • 取り消しとりけし
    cancellation, withdrawal, abolition, revocation, cancel, CAN
  • 消印けしいん
    postmark, (postal) cancellation mark
  • 消滅しょうめつ
    extinction, extinguishment, disappearance, vanishing, termination, lapse, annihilation
  • 消息しょうそく
    news (from someone), letter, contact, (someone's) whereabouts, (someone's) movements
  • 消化しょうか
    digestion (of food), digestion (of information), assimilation, thorough understanding, consumption, absorption, using up, meeting (e.g. a quota), completion, losing one's form and turning into something else
  • 消しゴムけしゴム
    eraser, rubber
  • 消火しょうか
    fire fighting, extinguishing a fire
  • 消毒しょうどく
    disinfection, sterilization, sterilisation
  • 取り消すとりけす
    to cancel, to withdraw, to retract, to take back (words, etc.), to revoke
  • 消耗しょうもう
    exhaustion, consumption, using up, dissipation, waste
  • 帳消しちょうけし
    writing off (a debt), cancellation, balancing the books, cancelling out (gains or losses), making even, making up (for), offsetting, undoing, wiping out
  • 消すけす
    to erase, to rub out, to rub off, to cross out, to delete, to turn off (a light, TV, heater, etc.), to switch off, to extinguish (a fire, candle, etc.), to put out, to remove (a smell, pain, etc.), to eliminate, to get rid of, to relieve (pain, anxiety, etc.), to neutralize (poison), to drown out (a sound), to deaden, to absorb, to muffle, to kill, to murder, to bump off, to rub out
  • 打ち消すうちけす
    to deny, to contradict, to negate (esp. a sound), to drown out
  • 抹消まっしょう
    erasure, striking off, crossing out, cancellation, deletion
  • 消灯しょうとう
    putting out the lights, turning off the lights