11 strokes

astringent, hesitate, reluctant, have diarrhea



Common words

  • 渋滞じゅうたい
    (traffic) congestion, traffic jam, gridlock, delay, stagnation
  • 渋いしぶい
    astringent, bitter, puckery, rough, harsh, tart, austere, elegant (and unobtrusive), refined, quiet (and simple), sober, sombre, subdued, tasteful (in a quiet way), understated, sour (look), glum, grim, sullen, sulky, stingy, tight-fisted
  • 渋るしぶる
    to be reluctant (to do), to be unwilling (to do), to hesitate (to do), to grudge, to be tardy (in doing), to put off (doing), to falter, to slacken, to slow down, to have a frequent urge to defecate but difficulty passing stool, to suffer from tenesmus