12 strokes

full, fullness, enough, satisfy



Common words

  • 不満ふまん
    dissatisfaction, discontent, displeasure, complaint, unhappiness
  • 満塁まんるい
    bases loaded
  • 未満みまん
    less than, under, below
  • 満足まんぞく
    satisfaction, contentment, gratification, sufficient, satisfactory, enough, adequate, proper, decent, satisfying (an equation)
  • 満員まんいん
    full house, no vacancy, sold out, standing room only, full (of people), crowded
  • 満了まんりょう
    expiration, termination
  • 満たすみたす
    to satisfy (conditions, one's appetite, etc.), to meet (e.g. demands), to fulfill, to gratify, to fill (e.g. a cup), to pack, to supply
  • 満点まんてん
    perfect score, full marks, extremely, very, quite
  • 肥満ひまん
    corpulence, fatness, obesity
  • 円満えんまん
    harmonious, peaceful, happy, amicable, smooth, free from trouble
  • 充満じゅうまん
    being filled with, being full of, permeation
  • 満席まんせき
    full house, all seats occupied, fully occupied
  • 満喫まんきつ
    having one's fill (of food or drink), eating (drinking) to one's heart's content, enjoying to the full
  • 満面まんめん
    the whole face, (wearing an expression) all over one's face
  • 満月まんげつ
    full moon
  • 満ちるみちる
    to fill, to become full (of), to be filled (with), to brim (with), to wax (of the moon), to rise (of the tide), to flow, to come in, to expire (of a period of time), to mature, to come to an end
  • 満悦まんえつ
    great delight, great satisfaction, rapture
  • 干満かんまん
    ebb and flow
  • 満載まんさい
    full load, being fully loaded (with), being loaded to capacity (with), carrying a full load (of), being full of (articles, photos, etc.; of a newspaper or magazine), being packed with (e.g. fun, excitement)
  • 満潮まんちょう
    high tide, high water, full tide