13 strokes

destroy, ruin, overthrow, perish



Common words

  • 消滅しょうめつ
    extinction, extinguishment, disappearance, vanishing, termination, lapse, annihilation
  • 壊滅かいめつ
    destruction, annihilation, devastation, catastrophe
  • 撲滅ぼくめつ
    eradication, extermination, destruction, suppression
  • 破滅はめつ
    ruin, destruction, fall
  • 滅亡めつぼう
    downfall, ruin, collapse, destruction
  • 自滅じめつ
    self-destruction, ruining oneself, natural decay, perishing naturally
  • 滅びるほろびる
    to go to ruin, to go under, to fall, to be destroyed, to die out, to become extinct, to perish
  • 全滅ぜんめつ
    annihilation, total destruction, complete destruction, crushing defeat
  • 幻滅げんめつ
  • 滅ぼすほろぼす
    to destroy, to overthrow, to wreck, to ruin
  • 滅多めった
    thoughtless, reckless, careless, rash, seldom, rare, ordinary, usual, common, excessive, immoderate, extreme