13 strokes

slippery, slide, slip, fail exam



Common words

  • 円滑えんかつ
    smooth, undisturbed, uninterrupted, harmonious
  • 滑らかなめらか
    smooth (of a surface), glassy, velvety, soft, smooth (of an action, proceedings, etc.), fluent (speech), fluid, trouble-free, continuously differentiable
  • 潤滑油じゅんかつゆ
    lubricating oil, lubricant, lube, person or thing that makes things run smoothly, facilitator
  • 滑るすべる
    to glide, to slide (e.g. on skis), to slip, to fail (an examination), to bomb (when telling a joke), to drop, to go down, to come down, to fall (e.g. in status)
  • 滑稽こっけい
    funny, comical, humorous, laughable, ridiculous, silly, absurd
  • 滑り台すべりだい
    (playground) slide, (ship) launching platform, sliding bed