13 strokes

stagnate, be delayed, overdue, arrears



Common words

  • 滞在たいざい
    stay, sojourn
  • 渋滞じゅうたい
    (traffic) congestion, traffic jam, gridlock, delay, stagnation
  • 停滞ていたい
    stagnation, tie-up, standstill, congestion, delay, accumulation, falling into arrears
  • 滞納たいのう
    falling behind (with a payment), being in arrears, non-payment, default, delinquency
  • 延滞えんたい
    arrears, (being) overdue, delay (e.g. in payment), procrastination
  • 沈滞ちんたい
    stagnation, inactivity
  • 滞るとどこおる
    to stagnate, to be delayed, to be left undone, to be overdue (of a payment), to fall into arrears, to be outstanding
  • 遅滞ちたい
    delay, procrastination