15 strokes

wet, be watered, profit by, receive benefits, favor, charm, steep



Common words

  • 潤滑油じゅんかつゆ
    lubricating oil, lubricant, lube, person or thing that makes things run smoothly, facilitator
  • 潤いうるおい
    moisture, damp, wetness, richness, warmth, interest, taste, charm, financial leeway, gains, profit, blessing, grace, favour, favor
  • 利潤りじゅん
    profit, returns
  • 潤むうるむ
    to be wet, to be moist, to get dim, to become blurred, to get cloudy, to get muddy, to be bleared, to become tear-choked
  • 潤ううるおう
    to become moist, to be moistened, to become damp, to get wet, to profit (from), to benefit, to become prosperous, to flourish, to be made rich, to be refreshed (of one's mind), to be enriched (of one's heart)
  • 潤すうるおす
    to moisten, to wet, to profit, to enrich, to benefit