15 strokes

lucidity, be clear, clear, clarify, settle, strain, look grave



Common words

  • 清澄せいちょう
    clear, serene
  • 澄むすむ
    to become clear (water, air, etc.), to become transparent, to resonate clearly (e.g. voice), to become serene, to become tranquil, to be free of worries, to pronounce as an unvoiced sound
  • 澄み切るすみきる
    to be perfectly clear (water, air, etc.), to clear up
  • 澄まし顔すましがお
    composed expression, clear face
  • 澄ますすます
    to clear, to make clear, to be unruffled, to look unconcerned, to feign indifference, to look demure, to look prim, to put on airs, to strain (one's ears), to listen carefully