16 strokes

voiced, uncleanness, wrong, nigori, impurity



Common words

  • 濁るにごる
    to become muddy, to become cloudy, to become turbid, to become impure (of a liquid or gas), to become dull (of a sound, color, etc.), to become indistinct, to become fuzzy, to become hoarse, to become impure (of one's heart, a society, etc.), to be corrupted, to be polluted, to become voiced (of a consonant), to be pronounced as a voiced sound
  • 濁すにごす
    to make muddy (of a liquid), to make cloudy, to make turbid, to roil, to make ambiguous, to evade (e.g. the point), to be noncommittal about
  • 濁流だくりゅう
    muddy stream