16 strokes

concentrated, thick, dark, undiluted



Common words

  • 濃度のうど
    concentration, density, cardinality
  • 濃厚のうこう
    rich (flavor, color, etc.), strong (e.g. odor), heavy, thick (soup, makeup, etc.), dense, probable, (very) likely, strong (suspicion, sense, etc.), pronounced, passionate, sensuous, hot
  • 濃縮のうしゅく
    concentration (e.g. of a solution), enrichment, condensation
  • 濃淡のうたん
    light and shade, shade (of colour, color), depth (of flavor), complexity, strength and weakness (of flavor)
  • 濃霧のうむ
    heavy fog, dense fog, thick fog
  • 濃いこい
    deep (colour), dark, strong (flavour, smell, etc.), thick (consistency), dense, strong (possibility, etc.), thick (i.e. "as thick as thieves"), close, deep (love, etc.)
  • 濃紺のうこん
    dark blue