9 strokes

spot, point, mark, speck, decimal point



Common words

  • 焦点しょうてん
    focus, focal point, focus (of attention, a discussion, etc.), point at issue, central point, focus
  • 拠点きょてん
    position, location, base, point, site
  • 得点とくてん
    scoring, score, points made, marks obtained, goals, runs
  • 重点じゅうてん
    important point, emphasis, stress, importance, priority, iteration mark, colon (punctuation)
  • 視点してん
    point of view, viewpoint, angle, perspective, visual point (position of the eye in calculations of optical instruments)
  • 地点ちてん
    site, point on a map, spot
  • 原点げんてん
    starting point, origin, beginning, origin (of coordinate axes), datum point
  • 争点そうてん
    point at issue
  • 頂点ちょうてん
    vertex, apex, top (e.g. of a mountain), summit, peak, top (of a profession, field, etc.), summit, peak (of popularity, a boom, etc.), height (e.g. of prosperity), apex, zenith, climax
  • 弱点じゃくてん
    weak point, weakness, shortcoming, defect, flaw, sore spot, tender spot
  • 満点まんてん
    perfect score, full marks, extremely, very, quite
  • 交差点こうさてん
    crossing, intersection
  • 欠点けってん
    fault, defect, flaw, weak point, weakness, shortcoming, drawback, failure (in an examination), failing grade
  • 採点さいてん
    marking, grading, scoring
  • 難点なんてん
    fault, weakness, flaw, defect, drawback, disadvantage, crux (of a matter), difficult point, point of contention
  • 起点きてん
    starting point, origin
  • 分岐点ぶんきてん
    junction, crossroads, division point, parting of ways
  • 終点しゅうてん
    terminus, last stop (e.g. train)
  • 要点ようてん
    gist, main point
  • 減点げんてん
    subtracting points, points deducted