12 strokes

nothingness, none, ain't, nothing, nil, not



Common words

  • 無料むりょう
    free (of charge), gratuitous
  • 無職むしょく
    without an occupation, unemployed, jobless
  • 無理むり
    unreasonable, unnatural, unjustifiable, impossible, forcible, forced, compulsory, excessive (work, etc.), immoderate, to work too hard, to try too hard, no way, not a chance, never, dream on, irrational
  • 無罪むざい
    innocence, being not guilty
  • 無線むせん
    radio (communication), wireless, not using wires
  • 有無うむ
    existence or nonexistence, presence or absence, consent or refusal, yes or no
  • 無効むこう
    invalid, void, ineffective, unavailable
  • 無償むしょう
    without compensation, without reward, without pay, free (of charge)
  • 無縁むえん
    unrelated, unconnected, irrelevant, indifferent, divorced from, having nothing to do with one, being foreign to one, without relations (esp. of a deceased person), having no surviving relatives, unrelated to the teachings of Buddha, unable to be saved by Buddha
  • 無事ぶじ
    safety, security, peace, quiet, safely, without incident, successfully, good health, inaction, ennui
  • 無人むじん
    unmanned, uninhabited, unattended, deserted, shorthandedness, lack of help
  • 無言むごん
    silence (not speaking), muteness
  • 無断むだん
    absence of permission, lack of permission, absence of (advance) notice, lack of notice
  • 無数むすう
    innumerable, countless, numberless
  • 無条件むじょうけん
  • 無責任むせきにん
  • 無用むよう
    useless, futile, unnecessary, needless, not on business, unrelated, unauthorised, unauthorized, prohibited, banned, forbidden
  • 無名むめい
    nameless, unnamed, anonymous, unsigned, obscure, unknown, not famous, causeless, unjustifiable
  • 無視むし
    disregarding, ignoring
  • 無限むげん
    infinity, infinitude, eternity, infinite, limitless