12 strokes

sort of thing, so, if so, in that case, well



Common words

  • 自然しぜん
    nature, natural, spontaneous, automatic, naturally, spontaneously, automatically
  • 当然とうぜん
    natural, right, proper, just, reasonable, appropriate, deserved, naturally, as a matter of course, rightly, deservedly, justly, of course
  • 依然いぜん
    still, as yet, as it has been
  • 依然としていぜんとして
    still, as yet, as of old
  • 天然てんねん
    nature, spontaneity, natural airhead
  • 突然とつぜん
    abrupt, sudden, unexpected
  • 不自然ふしぜん
    unnatural, artificial, affected, strained
  • 偶然ぐうぜん
    coincidence, chance, accident, fortuity, by chance, unexpectedly, accidentally, contingency
  • 全然ぜんぜん
    (not) at all, (not) in the slightest, wholly, entirely, completely, totally, extremely, very
  • 未然みぜん
    before it happens, previously
  • 騒然そうぜん
    noisy, confused, uproarious
  • 必然的ひつぜんてき
    inevitable, necessary
  • 公然こうぜん
    open, public, official, overt
  • 必然ひつぜん
    inevitable, necessary, certain, sure, inevitability, necessity
  • 断然だんぜん
    firmly, flatly, resolutely, decisively, absolutely, definitely, definitely (wrong, different, etc.), absolutely, by far, far and away, by a long shot, hands down
  • 自然科学しぜんかがく
    natural science
  • 漠然ばくぜん
    vague, obscure, indistinct, hazy, ambiguous
  • 歴然れきぜん
    evident, plain, distinct, clear
  • 敢然かんぜん
    boldly, bravely, resolutely, determinedly
  • 天然痘てんねんとう
    smallpox, variola