15 strokes

mellow, ripen, mature, acquire skill



Common words

  • 成熟せいじゅく
    maturity, ripeness
  • 未熟みじゅく
    unripe, green, inexperienced, immature, unskilled
  • 熟練じゅくれん
    skill, dexterity, proficiency
  • 円熟えんじゅく
    ripeness, mellowness, maturity
  • 熟語じゅくご
    kanji compound, idiom, idiomatic phrase
  • 熟すこなす
    to digest, to break down, to break to pieces, to crush, to be able to use, to be good at, to have a good command of, to finish, to complete, to manage, to perform, to sell, to do ... well, to do ... completely
  • 熟睡じゅくすい
    deep sleep, sound sleep, profound sleep
  • 早熟そうじゅく
    precocity, early ripening, premature development
  • 半熟はんじゅく
    half-cooked, half-done, soft-boiled, half-ripe, unripe