15 strokes

heat, temperature, fever, mania, passion



Common words

  • ねつ
    heat, fever, temperature, zeal, passion, enthusiasm, mania, craze, rage
  • 熱心ねっしん
    zealous, enthusiastic, ardent, fervent, keen, eager
  • 熱帯ねったい
  • 情熱じょうねつ
    passion, enthusiasm, zeal
  • 熱意ねつい
    zeal, enthusiasm, ardor, ardour
  • 熱気ねっき
    heat, hot air, enthusiasm, excitement, fervour, fervor, heated atmosphere, fever
  • 熱いあつい
    hot (to the touch), passionate (feelings, etc.), ardent, hot (e.g. gaze), hot (e.g. temper), zealous, enthusiastic, fired up, intense, severe, extreme, hot (topic), of interest
  • 熱烈ねつれつ
    ardent, passionate, vehement
  • 加熱かねつ
    heating, application of heat
  • 発熱はつねつ
    generation of heat, (attack of) fever, pyrexia
  • 高熱こうねつ
    high fever, pyro-
  • 熱湯ねっとう
    boiling water
  • 白熱はくねつ
    white heat, incandescence, (emitting) white light, white glow, becoming excited, getting heated (e.g. of a discussion), reaching a climax
  • 熱するねっする
    to heat, to heat up, to get excited, to get worked up, to get fired up
  • 亜熱帯あねったい
  • 微熱びねつ
    slight fever
  • 耐熱たいねつ
  • 光熱費こうねつひ
    cost of fuel and lighting, cost of heat and electricity, energy bill, utility cost
  • 熱中ねっちゅう
    being enthusiastic about, being wild about, being absorbed in, being engrossed in, being devoted to
  • 熱病ねつびょう
    fever, febrile disease