4 strokes

one-sided, leaf, sheet, right-side kata radical (no. 91)



Common words

  • 片手かたて
    one hand
  • 破片はへん
    fragment, broken piece, splinter, chip, shard
  • 片隅かたすみ
    corner, nook
  • 片方かたほう
    one side, one party, the other side, the other party, one (of a pair), the other (one), the mate, the fellow
  • 片道かたみち
    one-way (trip), one-way ticket
  • 断片だんぺん
    fragment, scrap, piece, shred
  • 片側かたがわ
    one side
  • 後片付けあとかたづけ
    tidying up, clearing up, cleaning up, clearing away, putting in order
  • 片仮名かたかな
    katakana, angular Japanese syllabary used primarily for loanwords
  • 木片もくへん
    block (of wood), chip, splinter
  • 片目かため
    one eye, one of one's eyes
  • 片付けるかたづける
    to tidy up, to put in order, to straighten up, to put away, to settle (problem), to clear (dispute), to finish, to bring something to an end, to marry off (e.g. a daughter), to do away with someone, to bump someone off
  • 片思いかたおもい
    unrequited love, one-sided love
  • 片付くかたづく
    to be put in order, to be put to rights, to be disposed of, to be solved, to be finished, to be married (off)