7 strokes

status quo, conditions, circumstances, form, appearance



Common words

  • 状況じょうきょう
    state of affairs, situation, conditions, circumstances
  • 状態じょうたい
    state, condition, situation, appearance, circumstances
  • 現状げんじょう
    present condition, existing state, status quo, current state
  • 症状しょうじょう
    symptoms, condition (of a patient)
  • 病状びょうじょう
    patient's condition, pathology
  • 年賀状ねんがじょう
    New Year's card
  • 惨状さんじょう
    disastrous scene, terrible spectacle
  • 環状かんじょう
    annulation, ring shape, loop shape
  • 甲状腺こうじょうせん
    thyroid (gland)
  • 礼状れいじょう
    acknowledgment, acknowledgement, letter of thanks
  • 免状めんじょう
    diploma, licence, license
  • 白状はくじょう
  • 賀状がじょう
    New Year's card
  • 粒状りゅうじょう
    granular, granulated