4 strokes

king, rule, magnate



Common words

  • おう
    king, ruler, sovereign, monarch, tycoon, magnate, champion, master, king (of the senior player)
  • 国王こくおう
    king, queen, monarch, sovereign, the Crown (as a focus of authority in the UK, etc.), the throne
  • 女王じょおう
    queen, female champion
  • 王子おうじ
    prince, subordinate Kumano shrine
  • 王国おうこく
    kingdom, monarchy
  • 王者おうじゃ
    king, monarch, ruler, champion
  • 王様おうさま
  • 法王ほうおう
    Pope, Buddha
  • 王女おうじょ
  • 王妃おうひ
    queen, empress
  • 仁王におう
    two Deva kings, guardian gods of Buddhism who stand at the entrance of a Buddhist temple
  • 王冠おうかん
    crown, diadem, bottle cap
  • 王侯おうこう
    king and princes, noble rank