5 strokes

utilize, business, service, use, employ



Common words

  • 採用さいよう
    use, adoption, acceptance, appointment, employment, engagement, recruitment
  • 使用しよう
    use, application, employment, utilization, utilisation
  • 雇用こよう
    employment, hire
  • 費用ひよう
    cost, expense
  • 利用りよう
    use, utilization, utilisation, application
  • 信用しんよう
    confidence, trust, faith, reputation, credit (finance)
  • 乗用車じょうようしゃ
    (passenger) car, automobile
  • 運用うんよう
    making use of, application, practical use, effective management (e.g. of funds), operation (esp. of a boat), steering
  • 専用せんよう
    (one's) exclusive use, private use, personal use, dedicated use, use for a particular purpose, exclusive use (of particular products), using only (e.g. a certain brand), using solely
  • 適用てきよう
    applying (e.g. a technology), adoption
  • 用意ようい
    preparation, arrangements, provision, getting ready, laying out (e.g. a meal)
  • 活用かつよう
    practical use, application, conjugation, inflection
  • 副作用ふくさよう
    side effect, adverse reaction
  • 実用じつよう
    practical use, utility
  • 用語ようご
    term, terminology, wording, choice of words, phraseology
  • 用紙ようし
    blank form, sheets of paper, sheet of paper
  • 併用へいよう
    combined use, using together (with), using jointly, using at the same time
  • 作用さよう
    action, operation, effect, function
  • 応用おうよう
    (practical) application, putting to practical use, applied (e.g. physics, linguistics, research)
  • 用途ようと
    use, service, purpose