5 strokes

wherefore, a reason



Common words

  • 自由じゆう
    freedom, liberty
  • 理由りゆう
    reason, pretext, motive
  • よし
    reason, significance, cause, piece of information that one has heard, I hear that ..., it is said that ...
  • 経由けいゆ
    going through, going via, going by way of
  • 不自由ふじゆう
    discomfort, inconvenience, poverty, want, destitution, inability, disability, impairment (physical, mental, etc.), nonfluency (in a language)
  • 由来ゆらい
    origin, source, history, derivation, originally, from the start, by nature
  • 由緒ゆいしょ
    history, pedigree, lineage
  • 事由じゆう
    reason, cause