9 strokes

world, boundary



Common words

  • 政界せいかい
    (world of) politics, political world, political circles
  • 世界せかい
    the world, society, the universe, sphere, circle, world, world-renowned, world-famous, realm governed by one Buddha, space
  • 財界ざいかい
    financial world, business circles
  • 限界げんかい
    limit, bound
  • 境界きょうかい
    boundary, border, limit, bounds, frontier
  • 視界しかい
    field of vision, visibility, view, visual field, (one's) ken
  • 学界がっかい
    academic world, academia, academic circles, scientific world, learned circles
  • 外界がいかい
    outside world, physical world
  • 法曹界ほうそうかい
    legal circles
  • 下界げかい
    the world, the earth, this world (as opposed to heaven)
  • 花柳界かりゅうかい
    red-light district, pleasure quarters, world of the geisha, demimonde
  • 租界そかい
    concession, settlement