12 strokes

pain, hurt, damage, bruise



Common words

  • 痛みいたみ
    pain, ache, soreness, grief, distress, damage, injury, wear, bruise, break
  • 頭痛ずつう
  • 苦痛くつう
    pain, agony, suffering, distress, torment
  • 痛手いたで
    serious wound, hard blow
  • 痛いいたい
    painful, sore, cringy, embarrassing, exceeding
  • 痛烈つうれつ
    severe, bitter, scathing
  • 痛恨つうこん
    deep regret, great sorrow, bitter grief
  • 陣痛じんつう
    labour pains, labor pains, birth pains, contractions
  • 痛ましいいたましい
    pitiful, heartbreaking, heartrending, touching, tragic, sad, hurtful
  • 鎮痛剤ちんつうざい
    analgesic, painkiller, sedative, tranquilizer, tranquiliser
  • 痛むいたむ
    to hurt, to ache, to feel a pain, to be injured, to be spoiled (e.g. food), to be damaged