9 strokes

departure, discharge, publish, emit, start from, disclose, counter for gunshots



Common words

  • 開発かいはつ
    development, exploitation (of resources)
  • 発言はつげん
    statement, remark, observation, utterance, speech, proposal
  • 反発はんぱつ
    opposition, rebellion, revolt, resistance, backlash, refusal, rebounding, recoiling, repulsion, rally (e.g. in stock prices), recovery
  • 発表はっぴょう
    announcement, publication, presenting, statement, communique, making known, breaking (news story), expressing (one's opinion), releasing, unveiling
  • 発行はっこう
    publication (of a newspaper, magazine, book, etc.), issue, issue (of banknotes, bonds, passport, etc.), raising (an event)
  • 発展はってん
    development, growth, expansion, extension, flourishing, development (of a situation, story, etc.), advancement, progression, unfolding, playing around (sexually; esp. of a male homosexual), having an active sex life
  • 活発かっぱつ
    lively, active, vigorous, animated, brisk
  • 発売はつばい
    sale, offering for sale, release (for sale), launch (product)
  • 発足ほっそく
    starting, inauguration, launch, founding, establishment, start-up
  • 発生はっせい
    occurrence, incidence, outbreak, birth (e.g. of civilization), generation (of power, heat, etc.), production, ontogeny, development, growth, breeding
  • 発想はっそう
    idea, conception, way of thinking, approach, expression
  • 発見はっけん
    discovery, detection, finding
  • 爆発ばくはつ
    explosion, detonation, blast, blowing up, eruption, outburst (of emotion), explosion (e.g. of anger), eruption (e.g. of discontent)
  • 出発しゅっぱつ
    departure, leaving, setting off
  • 発電はつでん
    generation (e.g. power), sending a telegram, telegraphing
  • はつ
    departure, departing from ..., leaving at (e.g. 8:30), sent from ..., (a letter, etc.) dated ..., datelined ..., counter for engines (on an aircraft), counter for gunshots, bursts of gas, etc., counter for bullets, bombs, etc., counter for blows (punches), counter for jokes, puns, etc., counter for ideas, thoughts or guesses, counter for ejaculations or sexual intercourse
  • 発電所はつでんしょ
    power plant, power station
  • 告発こくはつ
    indictment, prosecution, complaint
  • 発注はっちゅう
    ordering (materials), placing an order, order
  • 摘発てきはつ
    exposing, unmasking, laying bare