5 strokes




Common words

  • しろ
    white, innocence, innocent person, blank space, white go stone, white dragon tile, skewered grilled pig intestine
  • 白書はくしょ
    white paper (government report)
  • 白人はくじん
    white person, Caucasian, beginner, amateur, unlicensed prostitute
  • 空白くうはく
    blank space (in documents), vacuum, blank, void
  • 白紙はくし
    white paper, flyleaf, blank paper, clean slate, lack of prior opinion, positions, etc., scratch, beginning
  • 明白めいはく
    obvious, clear, plain, evident, apparent, explicit, overt
  • 自白じはく
    confession, admission
  • 紅白こうはく
    red and white, colours for festive or auspicious occasions (colors), two teams, two groups, Kōhaku Uta Gassen, annual contest between male and female popular singers on New Year's Eve (sponsored and broadcast by NHK)
  • 真っ白まっしろ
    pure white, blank (e.g. mind, paper)
  • 白鳥はくちょう
    swan (Cygnus spp.), cygnet, white-feathered bird
  • 白髪しらが
    white hair, grey hair, gray hair
  • 白いしろい
  • 白黒しろくろ
    black and white, monochrome, good and evil, right and wrong, guilt and innocence
  • 告白こくはく
    confession (to a crime, wrongdoing, etc.), admission, professing one's feelings (to someone one wants to go out with), declaration of love, profession (of faith), confession (of sins)
  • 面白いおもしろい
    interesting, fascinating, intriguing, enthralling, amusing, funny, comical, enjoyable, fun, entertaining, pleasant, agreeable, good, satisfactory, favourable, desirable, encouraging
  • 潔白けっぱく
    innocence, guiltlessness, purity, uprightness, integrity
  • 白羽しらは
    white feather
  • 白熱はくねつ
    white heat, incandescence, (emitting) white light, white glow, becoming excited, getting heated (e.g. of a discussion), reaching a climax
  • 白昼はくちゅう
    daytime, midday
  • 白菜はくさい
    napa cabbage (Brassica rapa subsp. pekinensis), nappa cabbage, Chinese cabbage