11 strokes

boom, prosper, copulate



Common words

  • 盛んさかん
    prosperous, flourishing, thriving, successful, popular, widespread, active, lively, energetic, vigorous, brisk, strong, enthusiastic, eager, hearty, frequent, repeated
  • 盛りさかり
    height (e.g. of summer), peak (e.g. of cherry blossom season), (in) season, full bloom, full swing (of a party, etc.), prime (of one's life), (one's) best days, bloom, (being in) heat, rut
  • 全盛ぜんせい
    height of prosperity
  • 最盛期さいせいき
    golden age, prime, heyday, height of prosperity, season (for fruit, vegetables, etc.), best time
  • 盛大せいだい
    grand, magnificent, lavish, large scale, prosperous, thriving, lively, forceful, powerful, vigorous
  • 盛るもる
    to serve (in a bowl, on a plate, etc.), to dish out, to dish up, to fill (a bowl) with, to pile up, to heap up, to fill up, to stack up, to administer (medicine, poison), to dose out, to prescribe, to put into (e.g. information in a report, meaning in a statement), to mark out (e.g. scale), to graduate (e.g. thermometer), to exaggerate, to apply heavy makeup
  • 隆盛りゅうせい
    prosperity, flourishing, thriving
  • 花盛りはなざかり
    flowers in full bloom, time of year in which flowers are in full bloom, the age at which someone (esp. a woman) is at the peak of their beauty, booming or peaking (in popularity)
  • 盛り上げるもりあげる
    to pile up, to heap up, to stir up, to enliven, to bring to a climax
  • 盛衰せいすい
    rise and fall, ups and downs, welfare, vicissitudes
  • 繁盛はんじょう
    prosperity, flourishing, thriving
  • 盛り上がるもりあがる
    to swell, to rise, to bulge, to be piled up, to rouse, to get excited
  • 目盛りめもり
    gradations (on a ruler, thermometer, etc.), division, scale
  • 大盛りおおもり
    large serving, large portion