9 strokes

focus, government ministry, conserve



Common words

  • 大蔵省おおくらしょう
    Ministry of Finance (1869-2001), Ministry of the Treasury (under the ritsuryō system)
  • 外務省がいむしょう
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 通産省つうさんしょう
    (former) Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), MITI
  • 厚生省こうせいしょう
    (former) Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • 文部省もんぶしょう
    Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (1871-2001)
  • 反省はんせい
    reflection, reconsideration, introspection, meditation, contemplation, regret, repentance, remorse, being sorry
  • 法務省ほうむしょう
    Ministry of Justice
  • 帰省きせい
    homecoming, returning home
  • 省略しょうりゃく
    omission, leaving out, abbreviation, abridgment, abridgement, shortening (e.g. of a name)
  • 内省ないせい
    introspection, reflection on one's self
  • 自省じせい
    self-examination, reflection