8 strokes

know, wisdom



Common words

  • 知事ちじ
    prefectural governor
  • 知るしる
    to know, to be aware (of), to be conscious (of), to learn (of), to find out, to discover, to sense, to feel, to notice, to realize, to understand, to comprehend, to grasp, to appreciate, to remember, to be familiar with, to be acquainted with, to experience, to go through, to know (e.g. hardship), to get acquainted with (a person), to get to know, to have to do with, to be concerned with, to be one's concern, to be one's responsibility
  • 知らん顔しらんかお
    feigned ignorance, pretending not to know, pretending not to recognize (someone), ignoring, unconcerned air, indifference, nonchalance
  • 知人ちじん
    friend, acquaintance
  • 知識ちしき
    knowledge, information
  • 知恵ちえ
    wisdom, wit, sagacity, sense, intelligence, prajna (insight leading to enlightenment)
  • 知的ちてき
  • 通知つうち
    notice, notification, report, posting, notification (on a smartphone, PC, etc.)
  • 知り合いしりあい
  • 予知よち
    foresight, foreknowledge, intimation, premonition, prediction
  • 承知しょうち
    knowledge, awareness, acceptance, consent, assent, agreement, compliance, acknowledgment, acknowledgement, forgiving, pardoning, excusing
  • 周知しゅうち
    common knowledge, being well-known, making (something) well-known
  • ご存知ごぞんじ
    knowing, being aware (of), (an) acquaintance
  • 未知みち
    not yet known, unknown, strange
  • 知り合うしりあう
    to get to know each other, to make acquaintance
  • 知性ちせい
  • 知能ちのう
    intelligence, intellect, brains
  • 無知むち
    ignorance, innocence, stupidity
  • 知覚ちかく
    perception, sensation, awareness
  • 報知ほうち
    information, news, intelligence