10 strokes

rend, rip, tear, break, destroy, defeat, frustrate



Common words

  • 破壊はかい
    destruction, disruption, (application) crash
  • 突破とっぱ
    breaking through, breakthrough, penetration, surmounting (a difficulty), overcoming, getting over, accomplishing (an aim), reaching (a goal), exceeding, passing, rising above
  • 破産はさん
    bankruptcy, insolvency
  • 破片はへん
    fragment, broken piece, splinter, chip, shard
  • 破るやぶる
    to tear, to rip, to break, to destroy, to break through (cordon, opponent's defense, etc.), to breach, to defeat, to beat, to break (e.g. silence), to disturb (e.g. peace), to shatter (e.g. dream), to disrupt, to spoil, to violate (e.g. rule), to break (e.g. promise), to infringe, to break (a record)
  • 打破だは
    breaking down, defeating, abolishing
  • 破裂はれつ
    bursting, rupture, explosion, breakdown (of talks, negotiations, etc.), breaking off
  • 破滅はめつ
    ruin, destruction, fall
  • 破局はきょく
    catastrophe, cataclysm, collapse (of a relationship), breakup, split (friends, lovers, etc.)
  • 破損はそん
    damage, breakage
  • 破棄はき
    tearing up and discarding (e.g. documents), destruction, annulment, cancellation, abrogation, voiding, breaking (e.g. a treaty), reversal (of an original ruling on appeal), quashing
  • 破綻はたん
    failure, collapse, breakdown, break-up, bankruptcy
  • 見破るみやぶる
    to see through (a plot, lie, etc.), to penetrate into, to discover, to find out
  • 喝破かっぱ
    arguing (someone) down, loudly scolding, rebuking, proclaiming (the truth), expounding