15 strokes

assurance, firm, tight, hard, solid, confirm, clear, evident



Common words

  • 確かたしか
    sure, certain, positive, definite, reliable, trustworthy, safe, sound, firm, accurate, correct, exact, If I'm not mistaken, If I remember correctly, If I remember rightly
  • 確保かくほ
    securing, obtaining, ensuring, guarantee, maintaining, belay, belaying
  • 確実かくじつ
    certain, sure, definite, reliable, sound, solid, safe, secure
  • 明確めいかく
    clear, precise, definite, distinct
  • 確認かくにん
    confirmation, verification, validation, review, check, affirmation, identification
  • 確立かくりつ
    establishment, settlement
  • 確定かくてい
    decision, settlement, confirmation, establishment
  • 的確てきかく
    accurate, precise, exact, appropriate, apt, right
  • 確率かくりつ
    probability, likelihood, chances
  • 確信かくしん
    conviction, belief, confidence
  • 確かめるたしかめる
    to ascertain, to check, to make sure
  • 正確せいかく
    accurate, correct, precise, exact
  • 不確かふたしか
    unreliable, uncertain, indefinite, unclear