5 strokes

show, indicate, point out, express, display



Common words

  • 指示しじ
    indication, denotation, designation, instructions, directions
  • 展示てんじ
    exhibition, display
  • 示すしめす
    to (take out and) show, to demonstrate, to tell, to exemplify, to make apparent, to point out (finger, clock hand, needle, etc.), to indicate, to show, to represent, to signify, to display
  • 公示こうじ
    public announcement, official notice, edict
  • 掲示けいじ
    notice, bulletin, post, posting, placard
  • 展示会てんじかい
  • 示唆しさ
    suggestion, hint, implication
  • 明示めいじ
    elucidation, explicit statement, specification
  • 示談じだん
    settlement out of court, private settlement
  • 暗示あんじ
    hint, suggestion
  • 誇示こじ
    ostentation, display
  • 啓示けいじ
    (divine) revelation
  • 教示きょうじ
    instruction, teaching