5 strokes

salute, bow, ceremony, thanks, remuneration



Common words

  • れい
    thanks, gratitude, manners, etiquette, bow (i.e. bending of the body), bowing, reward, gift, ceremony, ritual, key money
  • 謝礼しゃれい
    reward, honorarium, remuneration
  • 礼拝れいはい
    worship (esp. Christian), adoration, divine service, worship (esp. Buddhist and Shinto)
  • 礼儀れいぎ
    manners, courtesy, etiquette
  • 儀礼ぎれい
    courtesy, etiquette, formality, protocol, (religious) observance, ritual, rite
  • 巡礼じゅんれい
    pilgrimage, pilgrim
  • 礼状れいじょう
    acknowledgment, acknowledgement, letter of thanks
  • 失礼しつれい
    discourtesy, impoliteness, excuse me, goodbye, to leave, to be rude
  • 朝礼ちょうれい
    morning assembly (at a company, school, etc.), morning gathering
  • 礼金れいきん
    money (given as thanks), reward money, fee, recompense, remuneration, honorarium, key money, fee paid for rental rights
  • 礼服れいふく
    formal dress, ceremonial dress, morning dress, evening dress, dress suit
  • 祭礼さいれい
    (religious) festival
  • 無礼ぶれい
    rudeness, impoliteness, discourtesy, insolence
  • 非礼ひれい