9 strokes

celebrate, congratulate



Common words

  • 祝いいわい
    congratulation, congratulations, celebration, festival, congratulatory gift, present
  • 祝日しゅくじつ
    national holiday, public holiday
  • 祝賀しゅくが
    celebration, congratulations
  • 祝福しゅくふく
    celebration (of a joyous occasion), blessing, giving one's blessing, wishing (someone) good luck, blessing (from God)
  • 祝辞しゅくじ
    congratulatory address
  • 祝ういわう
    to celebrate, to congratulate, to observe (a festival), to present (a gift) in celebration, to drink in celebration, to wish for (a happy future, good fortune, etc.), to pray for
  • 祝儀しゅうぎ
    celebration, celebratory event, wedding ceremony, congratulatory gift, tip, gratuity
  • 祝電しゅくでん
    congratulatory telegram
  • 慶祝けいしゅく
    congratulation, celebration
  • 祝杯しゅくはい
    toast, congratulatory cup