9 strokes

gods, mind, soul



Common words

  • 精神せいしん
    mind, spirit, soul, heart, ethos, attitude, mentality, will, intention, spirit (of a matter), essence, fundamental significance
  • かみ
    god, deity, divinity, spirit, kami, incredible, fantastic, amazing, Emperor (of Japan), thunder
  • 神経しんけい
    nerve, nerves, sensitivity
  • 神社じんじゃ
    Shinto shrine
  • 神宮じんぐう
    high-status Shinto shrine with connection to imperial family, imperial Shinto shrine
  • 神話しんわ
    myth, legend
  • 神様かみさま
    God, god, ace, king, superior person, god (amongst men)
  • 神父しんぷ
    Catholic priest, abbe, reverend father, minister, padre
  • 神道しんとう
    Shinto, Shintoism
  • 神秘しんぴ
    mystery, mysteriousness, secret
  • 神聖しんせい
    holiness, sacredness, sanctity, dignity
  • 失神しっしん
    faint, swoon, losing consciousness
  • 自律神経じりつしんけい
    autonomic nerves
  • 無神経むしんけい
    insensitive, inconsiderate, callous, thick-skinned
  • 神風かみかぜ
    divine wind (esp. a typhoon thought to have protected Japan from a Mongolian invasion in the 13th century), kamikaze
  • 神主かんぬし
    Shinto priest, chief Shinto priest (of a shrine), Welsh onion, pun in Buddhist monk jargon
  • 神童しんどう
    child prodigy, infant genius, wonder child
  • 七福神しちふくじん
    Seven Gods of Fortune, Seven Deities of Good Luck, Seven Lucky Gods
  • 氏神うじがみ
    patron god, tutelar deity, guardian deity, local deity
  • 神官しんかん
    Shinto priest