12 strokes

extent, degree, law, formula, distance, limits, amount



Common words

  • 程度ていど
    degree, amount, grade, standard, of the order of (following a number), about, approximately
  • 日程にってい
    schedule, program, programme, agenda
  • 過程かてい
    process, course, mechanism
  • 課程かてい
    course, curriculum
  • 工程こうてい
    process, operation, stage of a process, progress of work
  • 行程こうてい
    journey, course, distance, march, flight, drive, leg (of a journey, relay race, etc.), itinerary, stroke (of a piston), throw (of a switch)
  • 方程式ほうていしき
    equation, formula, method for solving a problem, set way of achieving a particular result
  • ほど
    extent, degree, measure, limit, bounds, (span of) time, (a) distance, the state of, the status of, the condition of, about, around, approximately, or so, as much as ..., to the extent of ..., like ..., the more ... the more ...
  • 音程おんてい
    interval, step, pitch, key