14 strokes

species, kind, class, variety, seed



Common words

  • 人種じんしゅ
    race (of people), type of person
  • 種類しゅるい
    variety, kind, type, category, counter for kinds, species, etc.
  • 一種いっしゅ
    a kind, a sort, a variety, a species, of sorts, something of a, a sort of, sort of, somewhat
  • 種目しゅもく
    item, event
  • 品種ひんしゅ
    type (of goods), sort, (taxonomical) form, breed, variety, kind, type, cultivar
  • 種子しゅし
    seed, pit
  • 種々しゅじゅ
    various, a variety of, all kinds of, many, diverse
  • 種痘しゅとう
    smallpox vaccination, inoculation against smallpox
  • 甲種こうしゅ
    A-grade, first-class
  • 菜種なたね
    rapeseed, coleseed