14 strokes

rice plant



Common words

  • いね
    rice plant (Oryza sativa)
  • 稲作いなさく
    rice cultivation, rice crop
  • 水稲すいとう
    wet-land rice
  • 稲穂いなほ
    ear (head) of rice
  • 稲荷いなり
    Inari (god of harvests, Uka-no-Mitama), Inari shrine, Fushimi Inari shrine (in Kyoto), fox (said to be messengers of Inari), fried tofu (said to be a favourite food of foxes), inarizushi
  • 稲妻いなずま
    lightning, flash of lightning, lightning bolt
  • 稲刈りいねかり
    rice reaping, rice harvesting
  • 早稲わせ
    early ripening rice, early-ripening fruit (grain, etc.), person who becomes physically or mentally mature at an early age