8 strokes

empty, sky, void, vacant, vacuum



Common words

  • 空港くうこう
  • 航空こうくう
    aviation, flying
  • 空気くうき
    air, atmosphere, mood, situation, someone with no presence, someone who doesn't stand out at all
  • 航空機こうくうき
  • から
    emptiness, being empty, not carrying anything, unburdened, empty-handed, dishonoured (bill, promise, etc.), false, no-show (reservation), put-on (cheeriness, courage, etc.), empty (compliments), insincere
  • 空間くうかん
    space, room, airspace
  • 空軍くうぐん
    air force
  • 上空じょうくう
    sky, the skies, high-altitude sky, upper air
  • 架空かくう
    fictitious, imaginary, fanciful, fabricated, aerial, overhead
  • 空白くうはく
    blank space (in documents), vacuum, blank, void
  • 空中くうちゅう
    sky, air, mid-air
  • 空襲くうしゅう
  • 空洞くうどう
    cave, hollow, cavity, hollow
  • 青空あおぞら
    blue sky
  • 空きあき
    space, room, gap, emptiness, vacancy, opening, empty seat, free time, time to spare, disuse, unused thing
  • 空き缶あきかん
    empty can
  • 空き地あきち
    vacant land, unoccupied ground, empty lot, empty point
  • 領空りょうくう
    territorial airspace
  • 夜空よぞら
    night sky
  • 空輸くうゆ
    air transport, air lift, airlift