14 strokes

edge, origin, end, point, border, verge, cape



Common words

  • はし
    end (e.g. of street), tip, point, edge, margin, beginning, start, first, odds and ends, scrap, odd bit, least
  • 先端せんたん
    pointed end, tip, point, cusp (of a leaf, crescent moon, etc.), apex (of a curve), forefront, vanguard, spearhead, leading edge
  • 発端ほったん
    origin, genesis, opening, start, beginning
  • 最先端さいせんたん
    cutting edge, leading edge, forefront, state of the art, tip, end
  • 末端まったん
    end, tip, extremities, terminal
  • 半端はんぱ
    remnant, fragment, incomplete set, incompleteness, fraction, odd sum, halfway, half-hearted, perfunctory, irresponsible, foolish
  • 端的たんてき
    frank, direct, plain, straightforward, point-blank, concise
  • 道端みちばた
    roadside, wayside
  • 異端いたん
  • 両端りょうたん
    both ends, either end, both edges, double-mindedness, sitting on the fence
  • 途端とたん
    just (now, at the moment, etc.), just as, in the act of, as soon as, at the moment that