12 strokes

etc., and so forth, class (first), quality, equal, similar



Common words

  • 高等こうとう
    high class, high grade
  • 平等びょうどう
    equality, impartiality, evenness
  • 対等たいとう
    equality (esp. of status), equal footing, equal terms
  • 一等いっとう
    first class, first rank, first grade, first place, first prize, one degree, one level, one grade, most, best
  • 高等学校こうとうがっこう
    senior high school, high school
  • 不平等ふびょうどう
    inequality, unfairness
  • 同等どうとう
    equality, equal, same rights, same rank, equivalence
  • 優等生ゆうとうせい
    honor student, honours student, model student, prize pupil
  • 等級とうきゅう
    grade, class, degree, rank, rating, order, points, magnitude
  • 等価とうか
    equivalence, equal value, parity, (logical) equivalence
  • 劣等感れっとうかん
    inferiority complex, sense of inferiority
  • 等分とうぶん
    division into equal parts, equal parts
  • 等しいひとしい
    equal, identical, the same, no different (from), just like, equivalent
  • 上等じょうとう
    superior, first-class, excellent, top quality, (that's) just fine!, bring it on!